Google Nest Mini Black Friday

Google’s new Nest Mini is now official too and it costs the same $49 as the original Mini. There are upgrades, though, so don’t get it twisted.

Google says that it can produce a 2x stronger base, has a more clear and natural sound, and a 3rd microphone to hear you better in noisy environments. Additionally, Google tossed in a dedicated machine learning chip, so that it can run Assistant commands on-device, much faster. Oh, there’s a hook cutout on the back to let you hang it.

The Google Nest Mini is, on the surface, basically the same as the Google Home Mini. The size and design are quite literally identical, but there are a couple of notable changes. For one thing, there’s now a built-in wall mount that allows users to easily attach the product to their wall with a simple nail.

Further, Google has upgraded the internals to provide better sound quality. The original Home Mini was impressive for its size and price, and the Nest Mini promises to improve on that. Google’s demo of the product emphasized the bass especially and the difference was definitely a big improvement. We’ll be doing some further comparisons of the difference in a more controlled environment soon.

To get that better sound quality, the product also requires more power. That means Google ditched the convenient (albeit aged) micro USB port for around plug just like on its Nest Hub and Google Home. That’s a shame if you ask me, but probably not a deal-breaker for most folks.


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