Black Friday Bike Buying Guide - Four Steps To Purchasing The Best Bike

A bike buying guide is one of the many considerations you must keep in mind when purchasing the right equipment for your interest in biking. There are various sources that you can check out for this. With a simple search on YouTube, you can land on a list of relevant videos that will walk you through the purchasing process step by step. If you are keen on just the essential points to note, read the rest of this article that can give you a great overview of this.

Define Your Purpose - Define your purpose for buying a bike. Is it for commuting to the office, winning the race or cruising leisurely downtown? Your answer to this question will identify the best kind you ought to buy. A sturdy mountain bike, for one, can help you cross the roughest terrains. Driving comfortably towards the grocery store can be done with a chic ladies' bike.

Go For Quality - When buying a bicycle, make sure that you have enough budget to buy the quality equipment. Choosing cheap ones can endanger your safety. This is because cheap equipment is usually substandard in quality. Apart from being unsafe, it would not last long during repeated use and forceful stealing attempts.

Select The Right Size - The size of bicycles are usually identified by the diameter of their wheels. There are times when choosing an appropriate size for your height and weight is not enough. This is especially true as far as arms reach and knee movements are concerned. With these, the dimensions of the frame and the seat must be adjusted.

Know Essential Accessories - A detailed bike buying guide also includes the accessories which must be considered since they will affect your comfort and your safety while pedaling your way to your destination. Do you use your bike to get to work or buy foodstuff from the supermarket? If yes, you would need a rack, a basket or a pannier. To ensure that other bikers and motorists will see you on the road, you would need to ring a bell. In the night, reflector lights at the back and on the front will help you appear visible. Do you bike non-stop and want to have your wheels free from too much dirt? Consider purchasing fenders. Lastly, purchase the right outfit so that your entire body gets protected specifically when you are racing in a competition.

Learn How To Haggle - Although quality equipment really costs more, you can still be able to save and purchase the best one at a lower price through haggling. So, how do you start with this? Begin by researching the average selling price. Apart from asking from stores, look for a bike buying guide that provides a list of prices for each kind of bicycle. Negotiate in person and not on the phone do that you can conduct a test drive as well. During the test drive, look for any flaw the bicycle might have. Point out the flaws as you ask for a lower price.


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